Valuable Information

Here is some very valuable information to protect you from the states planned power outages as well as any unplanned outages. There are so many situations that can cause your power to be out.  A standby Generator can save your life in an emergency. It can also allow you to live a normal life during a power outage. Here a few reasons every home should have a standby generator in California.

-Solar Panels alone are not a solution to a power outage. With solar you need a way to save the energy your panels produce. Typically up to 20-40% of the solar power captured by solar goes back to the grid. This is a pretty good deal for you on your monthly electric bill but it’s an even better deal for the power company since you are supplying them power but they offer no guarantee to keep your power on during a planned or unplanned power outage. To prevent this you will need a multiple batteries and multiple inverters at a much higher expense, or a generator to keep your power on during the outages.


- Depending on what part of California you live in,  you have more than likely experienced some pretty chilly winter nights or some brutal HOT high temp summers exceeding over 100 degrees for days or weeks. During either season a high wind weather situation, an accident taking out a power line or simply a planned outage could affect your entire family’s comfort.  Summer 2020 was a perfect example of nasty heat wave in the Sacramento area and due to fires across the state power to millions of California residents was cut off. Here are a few important comfort, health and saftey reasons you may need a backup generator.

Do you live alone with no landline telephone? If your cell phone dies how will you get in touch with loved one or emergency help if needed?

Do you have lifesaving medications that require constant refrigeration? Insulin and certain antibiotics for example must be refrigerated and you can only rely on ice to keep your medication chilled for so long in 110 degree temperatures.

Keep your home running at a comfortable temperature by running your heater or A/C with a standby generator? If it’s a hot day with no power and hazardous Air Quality due to wildfires feel safe and comfortable in your home. You can run you’re A/C or heater as you normally would and stay indoors.

Do you have a well? A well needs power to operate. Most often you aren’t given much notice or none at all to prepare for a power outage and being without running water or flushable toilets for extended periods of time is a problem.

Do you own an electric vehicle? How will you charge your car? What if you need to evacuate do to a wildfire and your power has already been down for a few days. No power means no car and no way to escape. This leaves you extremely vulnerable.

Did you know that evacuation planners tell you to park your car in the driveway facing the road so you can make a quick evacuation if needed? A partial reason for this is because many people have lost their lives trying to flee their homes with the power off. If you have an automatic garage door it doesn’t automatically open without power. Have you tested to make sure your entire family knows where the manual release is on the garage door and if they have the strength to open it manually? Many elderly, disabled or young people are not able to do this on their own. Plus many people just simply do not know how to manually open the garage door.

Going several days without power means, food is going to go bad in the refrigerator and the freezer. Simple things we take for granted like cooking on electric appliances won’t work, laundry will not be getting done. Working from home will not be an option. Electronic entertainment that we are all used to will be off, no TV’s, Tablets, Cell phones etc. Having a backup generator lets you live and run your household just like the power was still on. Helps you maintain some normality in a very unpredictable world.

I have many years of experience and can help you find the right sized Generator for your home. Owen Allen is an authorized Generac Generator dealer and repair technician.