Make the Switch to Solar Panels Each Solar Panel Installation in Northern California Reduces Our Carbon Footprint

KOB Construction believes in making Northern California a better place. This means doing everything we can to reduce our emissions. You can reduce your carbon footprint by getting solar panel installation services. Replace old units with power-saving systems like LED lighting and solar inverters. We will assess your property and determine the best installation that fits your building.

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How Can Solar Panels Benefit Your space?

Making the switch from traditional systems to eco-friendly options provides endless benefits. You'll gradually save money on your energy bills and increase the value of your home in Northern California. As our society continues to progress, the need for energy-saving homes will skyrocket. Installing solar panels in your space now guarantees a bigger return on investment in the future.

Want to see how these residential solar panels look? Click on the Our Work page to see awesome examples.

Keep Your Solar Panels in Good Condition Take Advantage of Our Solar Panel Maintenance Services for Clients in Northern California

Solar panels require routine maintenance in order to work efficiently. If it's been a while since your solar panels were inspected or you're concerned about an issue, you can turn to KOB Construction for solar services in the Northern California area.

Rely on our skilled electrical team for:

  • Solar panel diagnostic services
  • Solar panel maintenance services
  • Solar panel repair services
  • Roof or ground mount installation

We can install solar panels, too. Call 916-850-5209 now to arrange for solar panel maintenance services.

Why Should You Choose KOB Construction?

KOB Construction is uniquely prepared to provide solar services. Our lead electrician, Owen, has a General Engineering License, General Building License and an Electrical Contractor License. This means he can examine your solar panels from both a contractor's perspective and an electrician's perspective.

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